Daily Random Thoughts 2015 - Day #4: The Tooth Fairy #toothfairy #2015 #randomthoughts

Tonight at the dinner table, we somehow got onto the subject of the Tooth Fairy. Our oldest child, Savy Preschooler, just turned five and we have been trying to explain to him the process of baby teeth falling out and adult teeth coming in. As we were telling him about the Tooth Fairy and what "she" does at night while asleep, I started wondering more about this.

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Where did the Tooth Fairy come from? It appears that the idea of receiving some sort of reward for a baby tooth dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe. But, the actual Tooth Fairy character didn't come about until a play created in America in 1927. (source: Popular Mechanics)
Does the Tooth Fairy visit every child all over the world? In various forms, many countries have their own "Tooth Fairy". Some only visit when certain # teeth are lost or give some other sort of gift in exchange for the tooth. (source: Wikipedia)
When do children start losing their baby teeth? Average age is 6. (source: American Dental Association)
What is the going rate for teeth these days? In 2013, the average going rate for a tooth was $3.70. I know that personally I have heard anywhere from $1 all the way up to $20 as a reward from the Tooth Fairy. (source: Wikipedia)

I also came across this fun website, where your little ones can request letters and receive them from the Tooth Fairy

As a kid I had a special pillow that held my tooth so that the fairy could easily find it and I'm thinking of definitely getting one for each of our kids. I did a quick search and found a really fun kit that I can order on Amazon!

I also think I'll order the book below to help in prepping them for when they start losing their baby teeth.

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