D.R.T. 2015 - Day #8: Which Mammals Have Longer Gestation Periods than Humans? #birth #randomthoughts #2015

As you likely know, I have three beautiful children and I carried each one for nearly 40 weeks. In reflecting upon this, I wondered about which mammals have longer gestational periods than humans. Human gestational periods are approximately 259-280 days. Check out these mammals that have longer gestational periods (source: Wikipedia).

  • Camel: 360-420
  • Donkey: 365
  • Walrus: 456
  • Elephant: 617-645
  • Giraffe: 420-450
  • Horse: 330-342
  • Sea Lion: 350
  • Sperm Whale: 480-590
  • Zebra: 361-390
  • Black Rhino: 450

Those are some serious long waits to meet your little baby(ies)! Can you imagine being pregnant for a year or more?! I know that I would go absolutely crazy! 

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