D.R.T. 2015 - Day #14: Mommy Giraffe, Where Are You?! #sophielagirafe #randomthoughts #2015

Bonjour! I am Sophie la girafe and I want to tell you a story about the day I lost my mommy.
It started out as a typical morning. Lots of squeezing, sucking, gnawing and squeaking with my Mommy Giraffe. It was time for our morning stroll and I was all snuggled into the stroller with her. As we turned the corner to go to the park, I fell out!

*Disclosure: These are my random thoughts and the information I find on the internet regarding my thoughts. I am not and never claim to be an expert on these thoughts. This post may contain affiliate links which help us run this blog. Thanks for reading!And no one saw me fall. I tried to yell, but unfortunately I can't make any noise unless I'm squeezed. I immediately thought "Mommy Giraffe, Where Are You?!" Before long a smallish flying giraffe came along and pecked at me a little. I squeaked because it tickled. I looked up and said "I'm looking for my Mommy Giraffe. That's not you, because she has many teeth and you don't have any. Please can you help me find her?"
The tiny flying giraffe flew away without helping me. Luckily, before I knew it a large furry giraffe picked me up in their mouth. I thought at first that it was my mommy, but then I realized that my mommy isn't furry like this giraffe! I immediately started squeaking loudly and the giant giraffe walking the furry one took me and placed me on the sidewalk next to a mailbox.
Before too long, a very tall giraffe came by. He looked like he was related to the big giraffes in my house as he definitely wasn't furry and could walk on two legs, so I was hopeful he knew my mommy. He picked me up and looked all around me. He even called me by name as he said "Oh, someone must be said without their Sophie." Then he put me into a big sack on his side. It was a fun ride!
A little while later, he took me out and I was inside a house just like my mommy's house. Except there weren't any toys or anything. He set me down on a desk and started looking me over and taking pictures. I did my best to smile, but I was just so sad. I just thought "Mommy Giraffe, Where Are YOU?!" I watched as he uploaded my pictures to a computer and put them on some of those websites that the giant giraffes in my house upload pictures of me and my mommy to.
A few days went by. I laid on his desk and basked in the sun. When I slept, I dreamed of the fun I would be having if I was home with my mommy. Then, as I was just falling into another happy dream, the giant giraffe picked me up and said "You are going home!" I was so excited I squeaked non-stop as he put me into this pocket.
Just a few minutes later, he took me out and a door opened and there in the doorway just at his feet was my mommy! All two feet 18 pounds, of drooling, smiling, giggling fun! I squeaked in delight as she squeezed me and I thought "Mommy Giraffe, I Found You!"
From then on, the giant giraffes made sure I never got lost again as they got me a special leash and made sure I was all buckled in during any adventures. As the old saying goes, "There is no place like home!"

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