Pink Blush Maternity Review & #Giveaway! Day 3: Oh Baby Baby! Registry Event!

I am expecting my 3rd child any day now and in honor of this upcoming birth, I have teamed up with Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos & Little Angel on a Mission to feature some of our absolute must-have baby/mama items!

Day Three Features:

Pink Blush Maternity

Having the maternity clothes that not only fit but also look great can be hard to find!  I always feel like everywhere I turn there are cute maternity clothes that just don't fit right or only fit for a short while or there are not so cute clothes that fit perfectly and for a longer length of time but you can't really wear many places outside the house (cue 8 month pregnant me dropping the kids off in my maternity yoga pants!).

That's why I'm really excited to introduce you to Pink Blush Maternity.  You can learn more about this fabulous maternity clothing line from the below review by my blogger friend, Buddy-Doo's Adventure-Roos!

Now for all of you amazing mothers who were able to go their entire pregnancy without ever needing  to try on maternity clothes, kudos to you!  The rest of us are rather jealous that we had to say farewell to our pre-pregnancy clothes until afterwards.  Not just because it makes us feel fat (even when you know its a healthy baby that actually needs the bigger clothes in the belly area), but because maternity clothes can get pricey.  I mean real pricey.  Maybe its because they know we will do anything to feel prettier when we are 8 months along and needing to push the table an inch or two further out so we can squeeze our bellies in. Its quite unfair, honestly.  

I've seen Pink Blush Maternity on a few of my friend's blogs lately and I just had to check them out.  Everyone raves about how gorgeous the outfits are, how affordable the prices are, and how well the materials and fabric feel. Wait. I don't have to spend $50 on a dressy maternity shirt to feel beautiful? Not with Pink Blush Maternity! You can get two shirts at that price, or even be thrifty and toss your savings into your soon-to-be baby's itty bitty piggy bank.

For my review, I chose the Green Black Tribal painted maternity dress.  Not going to lie, I had a pretty full shopping cart while browsing Pink Blush Maternity online! It took me days, as in plural, to decide on just one.  The website is already bookmarked, saved, and pinned to my secret Pinterest board for future 'will-haves' with the next pregnancy and baby.  You would expect with such a great deal that they would be lacking in another department like shipping, or customer service.  Shipping was fast and customer service was as sweet and efficient as can be.  If there's a down side to Pink Blush Maternity, I haven't found it yet!

This is my first maxi dress, ever.  I've always been intimidated by them and felt you had to have a certain body type to truly pull one off.  Everyone loves them though, so I figured pregnancy was the best time than ever to rock one.  I mean, your breasts are larger (helps maxi dresses flow), your belly is big so no worries with  that, and shaving your legs isn't the easiest of tasks, right?  I'm not currently expecting, but you better believe I plan on strutting my stuff in this dress on our next date night!  Its gorgeous, absolutely.  Feels downright amazing and silky (made from 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex), and has to be the easiest dress attire I've ever worn.  I was worried  there would be loose threads everywhere, the fabric would be too thin and see-through or just low quality, or that the colors would fade quickly.  Paranoid, I've washed it like five times already and the colors are still as vibrant. No loose threads or easy tears, the fabric is ideal and (trust me, I know my fabrics), and the whole dress 'stretches' to accommodate your growing belly and bust without sacrificing comfort, appeal, or becoming too loose or tight.  It does become see-through when stretched out like ten times more than it should, but that's like two of those big workout balls size (haha), but you'll never stretch it out that far away.  Its wonderfully breathable even on the hottest of days!

Not only will this dress make the perfect addition to my maternity wardrobe for the next baby, it functions just as well as a non-maternity dress for special occasions (or when you just want to feel pretty!). I can't imagine packing this beauty away until we try for our next, so for now its sitting pretty in my closet.  I must say, I enjoy Pink Blush Maternity's prices and clothes.  I just may continue shopping there since I'm getting more bang for my buck and my clothes will have dual purposes!

Don't forget!  There's FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50 all day, every day.  When you tell your friends, you both get $10 store credit too!!

Buy it: You can purchase the Green Black Tribal Painted maxi dress here for only $28.99!

Pink Blush Maternity

WIN IT: One lucky winner is going to win a $25 gift card to find their perfect addition to their maternity wardrobe!
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  1. I would get the Green 3/4 Sleeve Belted Maternity/Nursing Dress

  2. I like the White Pink Chevron Long Sleeve Maternity Top.

  3. I love the teal tribal print nursing top!

  4. i would like the Burgundy Crochet Sleeve Maternity Tunic

  5. I would get cute nursing tanks and bras for sure :)

  6. so hard to decide!!! I think this is great for work and is dressy enough for date night with hubs

  7. Black Sash Tie Maternity/Nursing Top

  8. Black Off Shoulder Maternity Knit Top


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