"What's it Like? Wednesday" Turning 30?!

It's been a little while since I had a chance write a "What's it Like? Wednesday" post, but with my "gulp" 30th birthday just 8 days away, I am reaching out to get your reactions to turning 30!

What's it like to turn...?

So many people now say that 30 is the new 20 and it's just another number, but then I think....oh no, I have to write my age starting with a 3?! Not that I think 30 is old by any means, it's just that my 20s were so much fun and I love being able to hold onto that 2 at the beginning.  Since I am due with Baby Savy #3 any day now, there aren't any big plans to celebrate my birthday on my actual birthday, but I feel like maybe I just might take a few minutes that day to relive the past decade of my life via pictures and videos.

A lot happened in my 20s! I graduated college (twice!), moved to a place I had never been, met and married a wonderful man, gave birth to 2, likely 3 beautiful babies, and of course started this blog and gained so many wonderful fans!  I look back and can't believe I went from being an only child (table for 1 please!), finishing up college in the mountains of West Virginia to being a married mother of 2 (soon to be 3) little ones outside of Chicago! To me, that is CRAZY!

However it feels when I turn 30, I hope to accomplish even more many wonderful things and gain new experiences. Maybe it's time I made that bucket list?

Now, tell me.....What's it like to turn 30?  Yes, I know I am asking you to reveal your age (gasp!) on a public blog, but I promise that I will read and enjoy every single experience or piece of advice you share!
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  1. I honestly had a hard time with 25, that seemed old to me. But 30 was a breeze and so much fun!! So far 31's been pretty great too!!! I absolutely love my 30's, I really think life just keeps getting better :)


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