Twin Z Pillow Review! Day 5: Oh Baby Baby! Registry Event!

 I am expecting my 3rd child any day now and in honor of this upcoming birth, I have teamed up with Buddy Doo's Adventure-Roos & Little Angel on a Mission to feature some of our absolute must-have baby/mama items!

Day Five Features:

Twin Z Pillow 

There are few items I can say we have used from baby to baby like our breastfeeding support pillow! Having a pillow that not only can support a baby in learning to nurse is important, but we also love that they can have so many other uses. They are great for nap time at home or on the go and playtime.  We love them because you can elevate the baby after a feeding, helping with proper digestion and alleviating reflux issues. Below is a review of an extremely versatile pillow, Twin Z Pillow, by my blogger friend at Little Angel on a Mission.

Twin Z Pillow is a 5 in 1 Nursing Pillow, Twins Bottle Feeding Pillow, and Twin Breastfeeding Pillow. 
Full back support
Removable/Washable Covers
1 Pillow with so many uses
Made in the USA with DURABLE, long lasting , BABY SAFE materials!!!
Foam Free
Lead Free
No Chemicals Added
No Flame Retardants
Made in the USA

I absolutely love that this pillow is huge, I understand people with limited space need a smaller sized pillow but I think with how comfortable and durable I can live without some space. I just move it to where I need it for nap times and cartoon time. We have had other nursing pillows and Baby K absolutely hated them, while Baby RJ is indifferent to tummy time. He doesn't seem to mind to much and will comfortably sleep.

This wonderful travel bag that it comes with is awesome! It's well made and durable, in the bag the pillow is so easy to tote around even Baby K can tote it around by herself. Here are a few pictures of Baby K and Baby RJ using the Twin Z for nap time. It's really comfortable and incredibly soft. I think the babies love that. 

Nap times are a happy time in the M home, its a nice chance to catch up on a hour of sleep or a few household chores. Either way I totally recommend the Twin Z Pillow, to anyone without a doubt.

It is kinda pricey but when you compare what it would cost you to purchase 2 separate breastfeeding support pillows, it evens out. I really do love the Twin Z, its a big help. When we travel we are going to be sure and take it with us.   Available in tons of patterns and colors.

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You can purchase your own Twin Z Pillow here.
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  1. this is wonderful,i know they are pricey but i can use that for my toddler and looks so comfy.


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