Book Review: Joseph Monninger's Margaret from Maine

Some of my favorite authors are Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks, so I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to review Joseph Monninger's Margaret from Maine.
From the publisher: 
Award-winning novelist Joseph Monninger, described as “Henry David Thoreau meets Nicholas Sparks” by Publishers Weekly, has written MARGARET FROM MAINE (A Plume Original, on sale December 24, 2012), a beautiful novel that explores the dilemmas faced by those who serve our country—and the men and women who love them.
Using the stunning natural backdrops of Maine , Virginia , and North Carolina as a visual and emotional canvas, Monninger, who, as The New York Times has observed, “writes with his five senses open,” imagines a love triangle pointed by a fallen hero, a wounded warrior who struggles with the weight of survival.
In MARGARET FROM MAINE, the end of military guardsman Sgt. Thomas Kennedy’s conscious life is ushered in by a flash of light on a plain in Afghanistan . While he languishes in a veterans’ hospital, Thomas’s devoted wife, Margaret, is raising their son on a dairy farm in rural Maine . Thomas’s Congressional Medal of Honor is no solace for her pain and loneliness. Neither, it would seem, is an invitation to Washington , DC , to meet the President of the United States as he signs a bill in support of wounded veterans.  Her escort to the nation’s capital is Charlie King, a West Point graduate and newly trained Foreign Service officer who has left the war with wounds of his own.
Charlie and Margaret’s shared circumstances inspire them so confide in one another. Suddenly, the pair creates a private world all their own, leaving the effects of war behind them.  Escaping to the southern states in search of elusive seasonal rhododendron blossoms, they fall in love. Margaret’s vows to her husband linger, raising a series of harrowing choice.

My Review:
From the moment I opened the book, I couldn't put it down. Through the author's use of vivid and descriptive writing, from the very beginning, I was able to immerse myself into Margaret's New England farm life. Although I am not married to a member of the military, I do have a very close family member, along with several friends, who serve our country and often I believe that their sacrifices are easily forgotten. This book took me on a journey through the eyes of Margaret and Charlie and how individually and together their lives were changed forever by injuries suffered in the war. This book gave me moments of love, passion, sorrow, grief, euphoria and so many other emotions. I truly believe that the sign of a good book is the ability to make the reader feel as though they aren't reading a book, but rather living in the characters' lives. And this book definitely did that! It was those moments, where I found myself so lost in the text that I was laughing and crying along with the characters, that I knew this was one of those books I would pass along to my friends and family and recommend anyone who loves books to read!  Overall, it's a heartwarming story, set in the beauty of Maine, full of twists and turns, that will leave you wanting it to never end!  

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