DVD: The Golden Opportunity of Child Development Review and Giveaway

As a parent, there are so many questions you have from the time your child is born.  Some of the answers we learn along the way, while others we need some guidance with.  So, where do you turn for guidance?  Loved ones, the internet, books....the options are endless!

Recently I was given the opportunity to review The Golden Opportunity of Child Development: Part 1: Mind & Personality DVD by Ula Lubin, the founder of Momula.

Information from Momula about the DVD:
Parents: Don’t Miss Your Golden Opportunity!
Want the secrets to raising happy and successful children?
Just how important are the years between birth and kindergarten? They could very well form the foundation for your child’s entire life.
Studies show that by the age of 6, most neurological connections in the brain are already formed, giving your child an early advantage—or a lack thereof.
This special time in a child’s life is the focus of  Ula Lubin’s DVD, The Golden Opportunity of Child Development Part 1: Mind & Personality.  In this engaging and informative video, Ula reveals the simple steps parents can take, early on, to help their children develop into happy, healthy, and successful adults.  The movie incorporates Ula's extensive hands-on experience, as well as insight and advice from leading child and family specialists.
Complex challenges…simple solutions!
About Ula Lubin
Ula has over ten years of professional, hands-on experience in helping children exceed development goals. She’s worked as a family and child development consultant to many different families, including celebrity clients.  She’s the founder of Momula, a developmental toy and furniture store (www.momula.co). She holds a B.S. in business management, with extensive extracurricular coursework and seminars in child development, family relationships, communication, and parenting. You can learn more about Ula and her work and watch client testimonials on her website at www.ulalubin.com.

My review:
This DVD focused on the developing mind and personality of a child and how, as parents, we are constantly affecting these in our children.  The DVD was divided up into several sections focusing on different areas of the ever-changing and growing parent/child relationship.  These sections included Communication, Respect, Goals, A Child's Space, Mother to Supervisor, Talents, Teach Appreciation.  Each section demonstrated and discussed effective methods of supporting our children in achieving their full-potential of the subject of focus.  These methods included modeling positive and appropriate behavior, supporting our children's needs, and embracing who they are.  As a parent and also someone who has a Masters in Education and experience completing several Early Childhood Education classes, I can verify that much of the information of this DVD included effective techniques and useful information for any new or old parent.  Personally, one of my favorite sections of this DVD was the "Talent" section.  One of the biggest things we focus on in our house is allowing our children to be who they were born to be (positive traits only of course)!  So, when my son loved guitars so much that he wanted to eat, sleep and wear them, I worked to help me achieve that!  In doing so, he rewarded me with big hugs, kisses and a million toddler serenades!  To this day, he still shows an active interest in anything musical and we have never once stopped him from expressing himself with his instruments. 
Overall, I would say this DVD has a wonderful compilation of tips, methods and information for parents everywhere.  If I could make one suggestion, I did find the narrators voice to be a bit too monotone for the DVD's subject matter and I think that it would be nice if they used someone who had a bit more uplifting tone, but that's just my personal preference.  I would recommend this for any new parent to watch, especially when entering the toddler stage for the first time, but also for current parents of little ones, as it serves as a good reminder to how large of an impact we have on our children's minds and personalities.

Momula is offering my readers the chance to win a copy of the DVD of their own! Simply fill out the form below to enter! This giveaway will be live until 11:59pm Monday, January 21st! 

While waiting to see if you are a winner, I strongly suggest you visit the Momula website to learn purchase your own copy of this DVD and browse the many other products they sell.
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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*  


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