"Do You Know What Causes That?" Book Review and Giveaway

Did you grow up in a large family or currently have one of your own? If not, do you often wonder what is it like to be part of a large family?  Is it really like everything we see on TV?   Well, as an only child, I often wonder what it's really like having a large family.  I'm not sure I am brave enough to have one of my own, as two young children are handful enough for us right now.

I was really excited to get a glimpse into the life of a large family when I was sent the book "Do You Know What Causes That? Insights and Escapades of a Super-Sized Family" by Chad & Crista Tharp. 

Here is a little background from their website about the Tharps and their book:
"Ever wonder what it would be like to be a family of 12?
With 10 children all under the age of 15 years, Chad & Crista Tharp have been asked for years to write a book, sharing stories and insights of how their large family survives every-day life.
“Do You Know What Causes that?” is an opportunity for you to peek behind the curtain of a super-sized family and experience the bliss and faith that the Tharp family lives every day.
Chad and Crista answer the humorous questions and comments that strangers ask them every day:
~ Do you know what causes that?
~ Are you Catholic or Mormon?
~ Are they all yours?
~ Are you done? ~ Do you own a T.V. and many more.
Their stories are filled with laughter and love and truly
 capture the life of a super-sized family.  Be prepared to laugh out loud and learn a thing or two.  In fact, you might just change your mind about wanting more kids……."

My Review: 
This book really delivered on so many levels to my wonder-filled mind into the inner workings of a large family. First off the book is organized perfectly, as it is divided up into "chapters". These are the many questions that most people ask/think about large families.  Such questions as "Don't the Kids Suffer?" or "Do You Own a T.V.?"  Each chapter gives you the inside story in their home and how things work related to the "question" asked.  They use real-life stories that help the reader relate to the subject being discussed and then conclude each section with a summary called "Reality Check".  I just loved reading their stories and then gaining their direct insight at the end of each "chapter" into the subject matter.  Many of the stories were ones that, as a mom to just two little ones, I could easily relate to and laugh about. Secondly, the book was filled with many tips that I know I could use to better organize my family and home. I definitely plan on emulating the Tharp Command Center and Family Rules in our household!  Finally, this book was REAL!  It wasn't some edited version of a large family you see on TV, but rather a real-life account of the many ups, downs, sideways, and every other direction you can imagine in the life of a large family.  I highly recommend this for anyone who has these questions, but please do me a favor and don't ever ask the question "Do You Know What Causes That?" to a large family?  That question is just silly!  Although I can tell you the Tharps and their like-sized family friends have included some creative and clever responses in this book!  

Chad and Crista are kind enough to offer a copy of the book or e-book to one of my lucky readers! Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win! This giveaway will closes at 11:59 pm EST on Friday, January 18th.

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  1. I would ask why they decided to write the book, how it all started.

    1. Viv, we wrote the book because we are asked these questions constantly and thought it would be fun to address them in a book. The kids really enjoyed writing it and it brought back a lot of memories while preparing for it. It has been a great way to open doors for us, Chad & I are often asked to speak at conferences to share our story. We just have a lot of fun with our life.

  2. Is it worth it? My husband and I are still deciding how many children we want. We just had our first 2 months ago and there are days we want a whole house full and there are days I don't know if I can handle any more...

  3. Chelsea,it is ABSOLUTELY worth it! There will be days where you feel like it is just too overwhelming, but that happens with no matter how many kids you have. Don't have a huge family because you feel like you should or someone else prods you into it. All of our kids "just came" meaning, we were open to whatever happened. Evidently we are super-fertile! Congrats on your first!

  4. Oh I can think of so many things to ask! Do you ever sleep? How much is an average grocery bill a month? etc

  5. i would ask somany things like how do you handle laundry lol jk
    how do you ever get any alone time?

  6. I'd love to read this. We have 8 children and are due with our 9th in just 8 weeks. I am sure I can relate!

  7. At how many kids did you start being asked "Are you done yet" because I got asked that after two..and now that we have three people think we are nutty when I say we would love to have more!


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