Day #2: Music & Me Event - SteveSongs Orangutan Van

Have you ever taken a spin in an Orangutan Van?  No? Well, neither had our family, until we hopped on the Orangutan Van by SteveSongs!

The long wait is over!  Award-winning kids' musician SteveSongs -- known and loved by millions of families throughout the country as "Mr. Steve," co-host of the nationally broadcast PBS KIDS preschool destination -- has just released his eighth CD, Orangutan Van.

Orangutan Van continues the SteveSongs tradition of great melodies, catchy lyrics, and playful humor, all wrapped up into what WERS-FM's The Playground called "a lovingly created concoction of fun and smart."

"Smart" captures the essence of the respect shown to Steve's work.  Steve Roslonek, who performs as SteveSongs, is committed to entertaining while educating, laughing while learning.

Steve explains, "Laughter is important, and a lot of the songs on Orangutan Van are really fun.  There's a subtraction song about Dan, Stan, flanana flavored flan and an 11-seat orangutan van, there's a sing-along to celebrate the Grumps when they come to visit, and Silly Vanilli (from my album Marvelous Day) is back to explain why 'A is for Silly.'  But as funny as many of these songs are, they're imbued with lessons that I hope will resonate with kids, reinforcing similar messages that they hear from parents, teachers, or mentors."

Our ride:
When I received this CD, I could tell by the cover it would be a lot of fun!  Little did I realize how much learning our ride on the Orangutan Van would provide us!  We jammed to Recess Rocks and loved how Brush, Brush, Brush helped us get ready for school! Our favorite track is "A" is for Silly. My son (3 years old) really loves songs about the alphabet and this song was filled with learning, fun and laughter for him! After our first ride in the Orangutan Van was over, we couldn't wait to get back in and ride again!  The songs are energetic, quirky, and filled with so much fun and the orangutans are really quite hilarious! Even mommy gets a good chuckle out of the lyrics! Finally, It's important that music is built from love and you can really tell Steve is a dad who loves to sing with his orangutans (aka kids)! 
Thank you SteveSongs for the wonderful ride on your Orangutan Van!  We just love our new way of getting around! Hair blowing in the wind and stuck to our clothes (next time send a lint roller)!  What a ride!!

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  1. I think we would like the morning to night album. Lullabies are a favorite in our house.

    1. knick knack paddy whack for sure and I would love this for my grand daughter she loves music and would love this

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  4. My son would love this because he loves music!

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  7. I think baby and I would enjoy Super Little Man!

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  9. bananas, because my daughter loves songs about fruit, like "apples and bananas" song :)


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