Day #7: I Am In LOVE TNMBN Giveaway Event

It's Day 7 of the event and today's review and giveaway is 
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I am a jewelry girl! I love it, my hubs laughs every time I get a new piece because he does NOT understand why I can't just wear the same pieces everyday. If only he could begin to understand the joy I feel over a new piece of jewelry! Maybe I could tell him it would be like him playing only one video game for the rest of his life??

 Well, recently I had the chance to work with a wonderful Stella & Dot stylist. Katie is a new Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot, so I thought it would be fun to share with you her story of how she came to start selling Stella & Dot. :)

I first heard about Stella & Dot around 2 years ago. I was planning my wedding and my friend showed me her Stella & Dot catalog . I immediately fell in love with all of the pieces. For the next two years I tossed around the idea of selling. I wanted to earn extra money but I had a few reservations. 
How would I continue to sell after I had exhausted the resources of my friends and family? Also, I felt like I didn't have a ton of time. Working a full time job I just wanted to relax when I wasn't in the office. Then there was the start up cost. $199 was beyond our usual budget for a business venture that I was unsure of. 
Fast forward to January. I had met my amazing "coach" April at a Girls Night Out function the previous August. I was throwing around new ideas for the New Year and wanted to connect with April to brainstorm on ideas regarding my local Photography Business and Stella & Dot. (I had recently become unemployed and was focusing primarily on my Photography Business) 
As we were talking I just thought, why not Stella & Dot? 
Stella & Dot was created by women for women. To give every woman the means to style her own life. 
I am a lover of all things fashion! Hair, makeup, & the latest celebrity trends. The fact that Stella & Dot is praised by editors and featured in Vogue, Elle, InStyle and worn by numerous celebrities drew me right in. 
The questions still lingered tho. How could I find the time? Although I was unemployed, I still was looking to get back into the corporate world. Believe it or not one of the top producers is a Doctor with three children, one who has special needs. If she has the time for it, I certainly do! 70% of S&D Stylists have other full or part- time jobs outside the home. 
Stella & Dot really shows you how to expand your circle past your friends and family. The tools they give you show you how simply receiving a compliment at the grocery store can turn into a potential trunk show hostess. 
Now to the money. I was very leery about spending $200 when we were already tight on money. April assured me that I would make my investment back within the first month and it was true! I signed up on January 2 and held my first trunk show on January 18th. I not only earned over double of my investment back in commission but I also received over $400 in product & business supply credits.
Stella & Dot requires for a Stylist to stay "active" they need to reach $500 in sales per month. At my first trunk show I sold over $1200! It is very easy and attainable. Life happens tho and Stella & Dot understands that. If you need to take a break you can!
The best part is as a Stylist you not only earn 25% commission on your sales. You have the potential to earn extra product rewards, business supplies and increased commission. 
I am now looking forward to years of success to come. My husband and I will be starting our own family soon. I know for us it is important for me to be a stay at home mom, but it is tough in this economy to live off of one income. So as a Stella & Dot Stylist I feel like I can take my independence as a woman back. Stay at home with my kids and also do something I love, on my time schedule! 
I could go on and on about my love for Stella & Dot! It is an amazing company to work for and they give you all the tools you need to succeed! 
I'd love to chat with you and share more of my personal story!"

 When I began browsing through Stella & Dot's Website I was overwhelmed with how gorgeous their pieces are. Like I said, I LOVE jewelry, but typically I find a piece or two that I love and typically I can decide easily on which one I would like to own now...and well the rest can wait. However, with Stella & Dot I was drooling over the majority of the pieces! So with Katie's help I decided on two pieces....and so many times almost e-mailed her back to say "if you haven't placed that order yet..let's go with....instead" , but I decided to go with my first choices and I am so happy with the pieces I received! 

 Ok, so when I go out and about my must have accessory is some great earrings! Earrings are as important as eyeliner to me! If you are in a rush and are just throwing yourself together to get out the door as quickly as possible..throw on some eyeliner and a fab pair of earrings and you feel so much better, atleast I do! So when I started browsing I went straight for the Earrings and I fell in love with so many pairs! Finally I decided on the Sanibel Chandeliers

 Next, I decided to take a peek at the rings. I don't own a lot of rings, as other than my wedding rings I don't often wear them, but I do love a big statement piece and I think rings are a good place to do that! I have one 'statement' ring that I love, so I thought adding one more to my collection would be nice so I can change things up occasionally! I saw the Soiree Trio Ring and new immediately that was the piece I needed to have!! There is even a great video on the website on how to wear a cocktail ring! In the video she states how she talks a lot with her hands so she loves a great ring, and I am the same way! 

 So my pieces arrived very quickly! It was less than a week after they were ordered! The packaging for the pieces is so fun!! 

 And the pieces themselves? Well they are even better in person than on the website!! I am in love with them!!! I have worn the earrings several times now as well as the ring and they are great!!

  The best thing about the ring is that it has an inner size adjuster so I am able to wear this on multiple fingers depending on what I feel like doing that particular day! I love having options! 

 I honestly LOVE these pieces and think I might just have a new addiction! I can't wait to add more Stella & Dot pieces to my collection and I am so thankful for a helpful stylist to help me choose the best pieces for me!  If you would like to give Stella & Dot a try please contact Katie and she will gladly help you plan a party to earn some pieces for free or just help make your shopping experience a little easier! :) 

 Katie has been so kind to offer a great piece for one of you to win!! These gorgeous earrings called Serenity Stone Drops could be yours!! You choose the color! Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win. This giveaway will remain open until Thursday Feb. 21st, Good Luck!!


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