Hyland's Ambassador: Name the Hyland's Tooth Fairy!

I am really proud to announce that Savy Mommy Moments has been chosen as a Hyland's Ambassador for 2013!  Since my first interaction with Hyland's were their life-saving (more like sanity-saving) teething tablets, I am so happy to announce the Hyland's Tooth Fairy Naming Contest! 
Name the Hyland's Tooth Fairy: Anyone can enter submissions to name the new Hyland’s Tooth Fairy. Participants will vote on the top 10 and each of the finalists will receive a Hyland’s Baby Teething Onesie and Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablet product. From the top 10 submissions, Hyland’s will choose a  grand prize winner with the most fitting name and award that person with a Hyland’s Baby Basket, $200 Visa Gift Card, Hyland’s Baby Teething Onesie and custom-made First Tooth Certificate. The contest will last 4 weeks.

How do you enter? Visit the Hyland's Teething Facebook Page to learn more and enter!

More Tooth Fairy Fun! Hyland's will be debuting a new section of their website!  It will feature a place where parents will be able to download a “First Tooth Certificate”, “Teeth Chart” and “I got my first tooth” badges that they can personalize with their child’s info to build their own keepsakes.  Check it out HERE on or after February 28th!

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