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 A few weeks ago a fun girls night out changed the way I feel about skin care! I was invited to a Lemongrass Spa Party and was excited that the hubs had the day off  so I was able to go. I can not tell you the last time I was able to make it to a "home show" of any type due to the busyness of life, but this one really intrigued me! 1- I had never heard of Lemongrass Spa and 2- a night of pampering sounded great!!

 I went to this spa party and was immediately impressed with all of the products! They are all handmade and free of chemicals. We did facials at this party, and I have to say at first I was not thrilled. I am totally not that  girl who goes around without makeup, I just don't feel comfortable...however leaving this party with my freshly washed face; my skin had never felt better!! So as at any home show I browsed the catalog and ordered some product, things like body wash (because I was almost out of mine at home and the almond body wash just sounded too good to pass up), some Tea Tree Bar soap (because I have heard amazing things about Tea Tree and thought why not?), and some Room Spray (because we are trying to cut back on our use of candles , but I love a good smelling home!).

  The next morning I woke up super bummed that I hadn't just went ahead and ordered the Face Kit because my face felt incredible!! Seriously, my skin was so soft that I didn't want to wash it! My hubs even commented on how soft it felt!

 So wasn't long before I was talking with consultant Carrie about getting the face kit! During our talks Carrie & I thought it might be great to share about this great line with all of my amazing readers! Lemongrass products are so great that I am eager to share about them with everyone I meet!! They really are that incredible!

 Carrie was kind enough to offer me some products for review, I chose the Almond Body PolishLotion & Liquid Soap Caddy in Pomegranate & the Lavender Vanilla Massage Bar in a tin.

 I AM IN LOVE! with all of these items, the ones I have purchased and the ones I was given for review, there isn't one that I regret choosing! If I told you all the reasons I love them all this could become a very incredibly long and rambling I will do this as quickly as I can! Ready????

 1- Almond Body Wash: the first day I used this I kept smelling something amazing & couldn't figure out what it was ME!! this wash smells incredible and stays with you all day long!!

 2- Tea Tree Face Soap: This lathers up amazingly, I use it under my arms helps my natural deoderant work so much better!!

 3-Room Spray : My hubs loves this!!! I sprayed it on our bed the first day I had it and I expected him to complain a little, but nope he asked me to spray his pillow more!!!

 4- Ultimate Face Kit: Well, as I said my face feels amazing & my skin is looking better than ever!

 5- Almond Body Polish: This makes your skin so incredibly soft...I actually used it while shaving the other day just for legs feel incredible!

 6-Lotion & Liquid Soap Caddy: as a mom of 3, with 2 in diapers I am washing my hands constantly, so they are always dry! This soap is incredible, my hands no longer are drying out and the lotion adds that extra softness (and the scent is great!)

 7- Massage Bar in a Tin: so many great uses!! To prevent stretch marks, or just as a great lotion!! I love a good back rub from the hubs and this is a great lotion to use!

 I truly wish I could convey to you how incredible these products are! I am so thankful that I was introduced to Lemongrass Spa & I firmly believe in their products. You can check out Carrie's website to see all of the fabulous products and be sure to like her Facebook page so you never miss a great deal!

 One of you will win a $50 credit towards your choice of product. Please fill out the entry form below for your chance to win, this giveaway will remain open until Wed. March 13th , Good Luck!!


  1. id love to try the ultimate face kit

  2. Almond Body Polish sounds amazing to use

  3. I would love to try the Almond Body Polish because I love products that make your skin smooth.


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