Day #5 - Part Two: I Am In LOVE TNMBN Giveaway Event

Its Day 5 (Part 2)...

of the I'm in Love event hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network
..and we're in love with Baby Giraffe!

I just can't get enough of Baby Giraffe.  It is THE stroller accessory that goes beyond the stroller.  It fits compactly in this itty bitty black bag that you can easily toss into your diaper bag, leave in your trunk so you always have it when out and about, or put away in the storage pocket most strollers have now.  It includes the flexible giraffe print clasp and spine, black storage bag, and four attachments: sunshade, toy loop, mirror, and bottle holder.

We haven't used the sunshade much since we have a Britax stroller with a large hood. The other day we were leaving the supermarket right around 5:00PM though, and the sun was cast right into Buddy Doo's eyes on the way to the car.  He didn't get fussy, but I'm sure it wasn't pleasant so I quickly switched the toy loop attachment with the sunshade attachment.  Swapping attachments doesn't even take two seconds! Baby's skin is very sensitive, so even if just for a few minutes its always a good idea to shade them from harsh UV rays and direct sun.

 The mirror attachment, oh my gosh.  Buddy Doo is obsessed with looking at mirrors.  Most babies his age are, so I won't say he's conceited until he's older -wink-.  It has gotten so extreme that we got the bright idea to take the Baby Giraffe beyond the stroller.  We've attached it to his jumper, his crib, his pack 'n' play....anything that has a firm place to grip, it's attached.  While he's been loving his playmats for months now, the jumper is fairly new and will preoccupy him long enough for a load of dishes to be finished or so.  With the Baby Giraffe, he's preoccupied and happy long enough for the entire kitchen to be cleaned without interruption!

The toy loop is a crowd-pleaser to say the least.  When your baby learns to grab objects and bring them to their mouths, they also learn to toss them on the ground.  A lot.  In the middle of Target and their icky floors.  If you're a parent I'm sure you have been here at least once, and you have to make a tough decision between rushing your trip, rushing to the bathroom to sanitize and wash off the toy, and bringing a large bag filled with toys as back-up.  No one likes going home and starting dinner only to find you have forgotten a key ingredient and your meal has already started cooking. Thank goodness you have a third arm with Baby Giraffe! I just love the 'Angry Birds' appeal it has when a couple of links and a toy is attached to the toy loop, and when I bring the stroller shopping everyone gets a kick out of it as well. Beware though, not having to continuously pick up your baby's toy will cast envious eyes your way, and lead to long talks in aisles with demands of where you got it.

The bottle attachment works great for when your little one is learning to grasp their own bottle, but can't quite support it themselves.  We use Tommee Tippee bottles because I breastfeed.  They are one of the widest bottles on the market and they still fit securely.  One reason why I adore the bottle holder is because it returns the bottle to an upright angle; this prevents the slow drip that results in a big milk mess and change of clothes.  Usually when he wants a bottle, we have the stroller fully reclined so I do wish there was a way to attach a few links between the giraffe arm and the bottle holder.  You can bend the giraffe arm closer to your little one so the bottle holder will reach, but it makes me nervous doing that.  The giraffe arm clasp and spine is covered in a minky velour that is soft to the touch and gentle on baby's delicate fingers, but Buddy Doo has developed quite the strong grip and I worry he'll grab it and hurt himself somehow (as a first-time mom, I worry about everything).

If the arm gets dirty, you can take the fabric off and toss in the wash....perfect for our messy little ones.  The handle on the giraffe arm is very firm so you can rest assured your child won't be able to take it off.  The giraffe arm has such a firm grasp in fact, I have difficulty opening it to attach it at times.  In winter, the psoriasis on my hands flares up really bad so that could just be me.  Overall, I don't know what I would do without my Baby Giraffe.  Seriously, its my go-to when out and about and so far is the only thing that keeps Buddy Doo entertained when he's in his crib and I'm cleaning the nursery.  I like how it grows with your child and you'll find plenty of uses for the first year alone, making this a fantastic baby shower gift.  Also, since its still fairly new, you can be assured no one else will bring the same gift!

Buy it:  You can buy the Baby Giraffe and attachments here for only $29.95

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  1. I really like the mirror attachment! My LO loves looking in mirrors.

  2. I love the toy loop! My LO is always looking for something to reach for.

  3. The toy loop. Toys are always falling out of the stroller and getting lost.

  4. I like the mirror So you can see what you child is doing without stopping the stroller.

  5. Bootle holder, because it keeps the bottle from falling over and getting dirty.

  6. bottle holder momma can have one hand free...finally

  7. The bottle holder is the best attachment

    Theresa Janke

  8. The mirror! Babies LOVE looking in mirrors! Our little one spent a lot of time in front of the dishwasher this past week staring at his reflection!


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