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Hey guys it's Alex from Mommys Craft Obsession!

While I was pregnant with Baby A, registering for my baby shower, I really had no clue when it came to baby products. When it came time to register for a baby monitor I figured the simpler the better and registered for the cheapest one that I could fine. Yeah, that really happened. Baby A didn't move to his "big boy bedroom" until he was about 8 months, but by the time I moved him into his own room I knew that I wouldn't love that cheap little baby monitor I had registered for many months before. 

It was only a matter of time before I began to lust over video baby monitors. I wanted to be able to see my little man while he slept, while he played in his bedroom, and even while I wasn't home. Being a parent, piece of mind means everything, and with the help of NextStep Baby Monitors you can have piece of mind 24/7 as simply and quickly as opening up an app on your phone.

NextStep Baby Monitors is a family owned and operated company in Southern California. One thing to note about NextStep Baby Monitors is that their monitors and cameras are not made by them, in fact you can find the baby monitors that they sell in many other retailers. So why purchase with NextStep Baby Monitors? The answer is really quite simple. As a parent, you don't have all the time in the world to sit down and figure out how to properly install something while trying to decode the gibberish written in the instruction manuals. NextStep Baby Monitors makes the installation process simple and quick because they understand how concentrating while your toddler is awake is like wrestling blindfold with 10 lobsters- you will lose.

When you go out and purchase electronics and baby gear, it can be extremely frustrating when you can't figure out how to put it together or set it up. Am I right? Personally, I hate reading instructions and I will try to put something together without reading them. Seriously, I never read instructions, but there are some things you just have to read the instructions on before you can set up. Like baby monitors for example, especially "high tech" ones. I am absolutely horrible at technology. I can do the basics on the computer like edit a photo, create a blog, surf the web, but when it comes to the logistics and doing things that include (but are not limited to) setting up WiFi, working with a router, knowing what IP numbers to look for and other things like that, I will openly and wholeheartedly admit that I may as well be looking at a foreign language. I can imagine that I am not the only one who feels this way. Realistically you're probably sitting here shaking your head an agreement. So when it comes to trying to figure out how to install your baby monitor while your baby is probably pulling on your shirt, climbing on your back, or throwing toys at your head, I guarantee you will want to know how to get it set up as quickly and as simply as possible. And that my friends, is where NextStep Baby Monitors comes in! NextStep Baby Monitors takes frustrating, vague, manufacturer instructions and manuals and turns them into simplified step by step instructions that are easy to follow, even when you have little ones distracting you!

NextStep Baby Monitors generously sent me their NextStep IP Pro monitor which is made by the manufacturer Foscam. I was very excited to be receiving a Foscam because it was a brand that I was semi familiar with because my mom and dad have one in their home to spy on their dogs. I knew that if I had any trouble down the road I could ask my dad for help with it. As excited as I was to be receiving a NextStep IP Pro (Foscam) I was also really nervous! My dad told me that it had a very complicated and time consuming set up that even he struggled with slightly- and that's saying something considering he is the most tech savvy person I know. When it arrived I was super excited to get it out of the box and start my attempt of a set up! 

The camera itself is a sleek and will fit compactly almost anywhere in your child's room. The only flat surface in Baby A's room at the moment is his changing table so I had to do some rearranging to make room between his lamp and his baby wipes warmer. This location actually works out wonderfully though, it faces Baby A's crib and scans his entire room so if he is playing I can peak in on him without having to stop and go look if I am cleaning or cooking dinner, or whatever else I may be doing! If you do not have a flat surface in your childs bedroom, the Foscam does come with a mounting unit that you can mount to the wall. I plan on mounting the monitor once we buy a house, but while we rent I figured it was best to not add any extra holes in the wall! By far the best thing about this monitor is that you use your phone, tablet, or computer as the "parent unit" which means that you can see your little one anywhere, anytime. I have even spied on my dogs while I wasn't at home thanks to the NextStep IP Pro (Foscam)!

You will notice that there are small lights around the lens of the camera, these lights turn on when the room is dark so that you can see your little on in night vision. 

Let's talk about the root of NextStep Baby Monitors. The Instruction Manual. I can honestly say that because of the step by step instructions created by NextStep Baby Monitors I was able to fully install my IP Pro by myself! I had one minor stumble which was 100% my fault, I was trying to create a log in for my IP Camera account and mistyped my password causing me to be locked out of my camera! The issue was very simply resolved with a quick phone call to NextStep Baby Monitors. They were able to walk me through the reset process in about thirty seconds and within two minutes I was getting myself re-set up. The NextStep manual makes it so simple to set up your camera with their step by step instructions, detailed photos, and even photos with arrows and notations showing you exactly what you should be looking for on your computer, where to plug in new numbers from your router, and even how to set up your camera so that you can use it from outside of your wireless network. Although the manual had step by step instructions on how to set up your router so that you can access your camera while you are out of the house, that part made me very nervous so I decided to set up a phone appointment with Adam at NextStep Baby Monitors to get it set up correctly! During the duration of the phone call Adam was very respectful and friendly, he walked me through everything that I needed to do on my end, then using remote access he hopped onto my computer and set everything up. Prior to mentioning he was finished he promptly logged out of my computer before completing his conversation with me. He then helped me set up my iPhone app so that I could view the camera when I was away from my home! If I had to give NextStep Baby Monitors a letter grade for customer service they would get an A. 

Below are photos that I have taken directly from the Foscam. Using the recommended App (available for purchase in the iPhone App Store for $3.99) you are able to move the camera, take photos, take videos, turn audio on and off, and even speak to your child! 

Baby A putting things in his crib for safe keeping.

Mr. Hunky checking on Baby A.

Baby A fast asleep (with his lamby hanging off of the crib).

Me spying on Mrs. Bow Jangles while we were out to breakfast. Please don't mind my dusty bookshelf (ew).

The NextStep IP Pro is compatible with Apple and Android products. If you are interested in getting more information about NextStep Baby Monitors take a look at this YouTube video that they made! 

I am so impressed with the quality of this company that I would personally recommend you and all of my friends and family to purchase a baby monitor from NextStep Baby Monitors if you want not only a quality product, but quality customer service as well. My expectations were exceeded with this company and the best part is, if you purchase from them you get a LIFETIME support guarantee  That's right! If you purchase from them and six years from now have a question they will be there to help you out! How many companies can you say will do that?

To Purchase: Visit NextStep Baby Monitors!

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