1, 2 & Sometimes 3 - Children's Poetry Book

1, 2 & Sometimes 3
“Learn to Read, Rhyme, and have Fun at the same time!”

Authors Luke & Ben with Illustrator Ted
  Relive your childhood while experiencing the BEAUTY of poetry! Our poems and illustrations were designed to make young and old smile, laugh, reminisce and FEEL!  Back to a time when we questioned everything and wondered why the world is the way it is.  Back to a time when we were brutally honest, super silly, and allowed our imagination to run free.
1, 2, and Sometimes 3 is a collection of poetry written from the point of view of a young child.  This perspective is WONDERFUL because at that time in our lives, we had more similarities than differences and shared so many of the same experiences. Both children and adults will be entertained and enlightened as they read through these poems that remind us of life lessons and experiences. Poetry is an excellent medium to get children excited about reading.  It introduces them to the music and flow of words that other literature simply cannot do.
All three of us grew up reading the masterpieces of Shel Silverstein and hope we can pay homage to him with this book! Below you will find a sampling of poems and illustrations from our upcoming book. Happy Reading! Also, 1 copy donated to a Children’s Hospital for every 10 ordered!  

Savy Mommy Review: 
From beginning to end, this book is full of wonderful, kid-friendly poetry!  The poems all have important messages but are written in a way that they are playful and easy to understand.  As a parent, some of the poetry even serves as a good reminder about how things may appear to our children.  For example, I really like the poem "Parental Volume".  This one talks from the child's perspective about why parents yell and what a child should do so that their parents don't yell, but also helps remind the parents that yelling isn't always an effective way of getting your message through. My son's favorite poem is "Daddy's Feet". He likes it because it's silly and has a funny illustration of stinky feet to go with it.  As a parent, it can be easy to overlook teaching our children poetry beyond the simple rhymes so I am really glad this is part of our book collection!  This book is wonderful for any little one ages 3+ to learn about how fun poetry can be! 

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  1. Daddy's Feet because my kids would love that one!

  2. I couldn't see all the poems inside so I'm not too sure which one would be my favorite. I did like reading the Magic Poem. I know my son would enjoy this since his dad is constantly making up poems!


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