Day #13 (Part Two): I Am In LOVE TNMBN Giveaway Event

It's Day #13 (Part 2) of the event....
Last summer I was so excited to splurge and buy myself and Baby A a new stroller. I did tons of research, and realized that all of the gorgeous, high quality, and expensive strollers had one huge thing in common. None of them had a decent organizing system for mommy!! A cup holder seemed to be relatively standard, but what about all of the other things we needed to carry on our strolls like our phones, keys, maybe a wallet? Finding a stroller organizer that I liked seemed near impossible. Thanks to Baby-BeeHaven and their See N Store, I was able to stop my hunt!

I am in LOVE with Baby-BeeHaven! Baby-BeeHaven was created by a mom of two, Heather, who wanted  to have something that she knew would calm her daughter down in the middle of a crying spell while out in public. Her daughter absolutely loved Elmo and as soon as Elmo would come on the TV she would instantly calm and be happy. (Sounds exactly like Baby A with Mickey). She longed for a product that would allow her to bring Elmo with her while in the stroller, and soon after the See N Store was born. Shortly after the See N Store, Baby- BeeHaven created the three other products that they offer; the Cush N Go, Swingin' Smart, and the Dream Feeder. 

Baby-BeeHaven generously sent me one of their See N Stores and I was super excited to receive it! The See N Store is a stroller organizer that also holds your iPad or Portable DVD Player! When I heard about this stroller organizer I was immediately intrigued, what an amazing idea! With as much as Baby A loves Mickey Mouse I knew this would be the perfect thing for us for the days when we go to the city for some much needed mall time. What I love most about this stroller organizer is that it is so convenient and has so many organizational options!

The See N Store is compatible with most rear facing strollers and easily slides onto the handle. I have a Maxi Cosi Foray and I will admit that it was a tight fit to get the See N Store onto my stroller, it took both me and Mr. Hunky working together to get it on, but it ended up being great since it was an extra snug fit because it reassured me that the organizer would not slide! The See N Store has five pockets, one on the front with a velcro flap, one mesh pocket, one hidden phone pocket on the inside, one open pocket on the back, and an expandable pocket that can be used for just about anything. Along with it having all of those pockets the front also unbuckles (see the first photo below) and that is one large area where either your iPad/Portable DVD Player would go, or where you can store larger things!

The photo below shows the expandable pocket folded up as well as expanded. You could use this for many things such as a place to put your garbage if you are on a walk, extra toys, keys, etc.

A few days ago it was beautiful, about 70 degree's, so I decided to take Baby A on a walk. We live about four-five blocks away from a Walmart (if we take a path) so I figured we would walk and I could test out my new See N Store!! Rather than attaching my iPad for Baby A, I decided to use the organizer as a diaper bag and packed my essentials. I was able to bring a cloth diaper, changing pad, wipes case, my wallet, phone, keys, teething tablets, insurance card/immunization record, a box of raisins, and a sippy cup for Baby A and I still had plenty of room. I clipped the flap back over the top of the See N Store and I felt confident that my belongings, especially my wallet, were safe and secure while going into a store. In the photo below you will notice that there is a smaller photo in the bottom right corner, that is the pocket on the back that I was able to put in my stroller clips (for my diaper bag) and the teething tablets! You can also see Little L's noggin in the shot, she was searching for left over cheerio's in the stroller!

The See N Store was designed so that your iPad could attach to it and your little one can watch their favorite show while you are out and about, because lets face it, stroller melt downs happen. I was nervous about hooking my iPad to the See N Store, afraid that it wouldn't be enough support and that my iPad would come crashing down. I let out a big sigh of relaxation when my iPad stayed securely in place. Please take note that the See N Store only will work with your iPad if you have a portfolio case on it because the closure flap of the iPad case is what you attach to the See N Store. Taking the buckle on the See N Store, adjust the sizing accordingly so that your iPad is snug. You will then want to tuck your iPad's flap into the pocket of the See N Store so that your iPad hangs on the outside in your baby's view. Baby A absolutely loved that he could have Mickey on the go and I loved that he didn't scream through the store while I shopped! 

I absolutely fell in love with the See N Store and I think that even if you don't have an iPad or do not want to use an electronic device on your stroller that you should still invest in a See N Store, you cannot beat the organization that it offers and I love that it is sleek and can stay on your stroller even while it is folded! In my opinion, this is a must have stroller accessory!

To Purchase: Visit Baby-BeeHaven's Website!

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Baby-BeeHaven however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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