Day #5 - Part One: I Am In LOVE TNMBN Giveaway Event

Its Day 5 (Part 1)...

...of the I am in LOVE event hosted by the Thrifty Nifty Mommy Blogger Network
..and we're in love with Kickboard USA!

I have a very active 3 year old who just loves anything with wheels!  So, I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review the Mini Micro Scooter by Kickboard USA.
From their website: 
The Mini Micro Kickboard is the quality 3-wheel kick scooter with an award-winning Swiss design.  Ideal for children ages 3-5, the Mini Micros's 3 wheelslow-to-the-ground deck, and gentle lean-and-steer handle bar all contribute to the stability that makes the Mini perfect for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. The lean-and-steer design is what makes the mini unique and fun.  Using their body weight to curve right and left, kids intuitively learn to 'surf the sidewalk', developing balance, coordination and motor skills.  The deck of the Mini is large enough for two little feet, so kids can easily switch from pushing with one foot, to just enjoying the glide.  Kids love the foot brake positioned at the back of the deck -  it looks just like the ones on the big kids' scooters. At 3.3 lbs, the Mini Micro scooter is lightweight so it's easy for kids to maneuver and for parents to pick up and carry whenever need be (it hangs nicely on the back of a stroller).  Kids, and their parents, love the Mini for the way it provides hours of fun, while encouraging movement and exercise.

Our experience:
 When I opened the box, I immediately noticed that this was not a cheap plastic scooter.  Instead it is made with materials that are lightweight, yet made to last.  For me personally and I'm sure many of you, it's important that the items we have for our children are durable and will last, as we shouldn't have to worry about them ruining something right out of the box. As for the look of it, I chose the green one, and I am really happy with it.  It is really cute and sleek, and "N" loves the green.
Admittedly, one of the first things that comes to mind when I know my son is getting something like this is "I hope there aren't a lot of parts and it doesn't require a lot of tools or time to put it together." Because, as all mom's know, toddlers have zero patience, so as soon as they see the box, they think it's ready to go. I was thrilled when we opened the box and it was only 2 pieces.  One "click" of the handle bars into the base and it was ready to go!
Since it is winter here in Chicago, we decided to let him try it out in the house.  Upon inspection, I decided since the wheels are smooth like inline skate wheels that he could learn to use it in our kitchen.  He immediately jumped on and started learning it with ease.  At first, he wasn't sure about how to turn, but then he easily started to learn that he just had to lean a little and the scooter turned really well.
Once he had the hang of it and was running it into my cabinets, we decided it was time to move down to the basement where he would have more space. He really enjoyed being able to roll all around our basement without any problem.  We have another scooter and it's supposed to be for toddlers, but it's bulky, heavy and doesn't turn well.  This is just the opposite!  It is very light, sturdy, easy to maneuver and turns easily. 
Overall, this scooter is great for "N"!  He had no problems using it and easily rode it around without needing help from us.  I can tell that this is going to be a great toy for when it gets warm out again and one that will last us for many years to come!

Learn More: Visit the Kickboard USA website to explore all of their wonderful products!

Buy: You can purchase any of their products right from the Kickboard USA website.  They are also offering 14% off their red and pink Maxi and Mini scooters with free shipping thru 2/14!

Win It: Enter below for a chance to win a Mini Micro scooter for the active little one in your life! (Hint: For some of the entries you are going to need the links under the giveaway form)

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. Mini Seat & O-bar would be a great assesory

  2. the Scooter Buddy -- SUPER WOOFY (with Multiclip)

  3. I'd love the Incredibell Brass Duet (Blue) *Compatible only with the MINI!

  4. Definitely I would like to have a toddler helmet to go along with this!


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