Day #20: I Am In LOVE TNMBN Giveaway Event

It's Day 20 of the event and today's 
review & giveaway is brought to you by Open Hands.
 I am so excited over today's product, you might remember when we did our Holiday Event that I shared with ya'll a review for a product called Babee Covee.

 Babee Covee is an amazing 6-in-1 use baby blanket & cover! I absolutely LOVE this product , over the past few months I have used it consistently as a car seat "tent" cover, a nursing cover and a shopping cart cover.  The only problem I kept running into was I NEEDED another one! With 2 kiddos under the age of 2 I was always running into a need to use my Babee Covee with one while it was in use by the other one. For instance I would have sweet baby girl in her car seat and my little guy would need to be in the shopping cart, or I would have just used this in the shopping cart and sweet baby girl would need to nurse...but I would want to wash the cover so I didn't get shopping cart germs on her...or me. :)

 My love for Babee Covee runs deep, so I was thrilled when I was given the chance to work with them again. I was sent the Babee Covee in lime and I love it! The color contrast is beautiful and the little heart details are so sweet!

 Now that we have two of these I am able to use them in even more ways than before so my love has grown even more...honestly I didn't know that would be possible! I have been using this a lot as a blanket, but this is so much better than your typical blanket. My boys love to be outside and to go for walks, but some days there is just a slight chill in the air which can be a little much for babies. I will often throw a blanket in the stroller with baby girl, but I can not tell you how many times during our walk I will have to stop and pick the blanket off of the dirty ground to put back on her. The Babee Covee has no slip ties on each side that keep this blanket on your stroller easily!

    These ties also keep the blanket attached to a high chair when your out to eat, which I LOVE and to your shopping cart!!

  And we have been using it at home on the baby swing as well. I can not think of a greater baby item that we have owned with our little one's. With 3 kids we have done the shopping cart covers, high chair covers, the nursing covers, play blankets, car seat tents and blankets....all of those items cost a lot of $$ , take up a lot of space and are hard to carry around. So if you can have all of those in one item, why wouldn't you!! Babee Covee sells for just $39.99 for a solid or $49.99 for a print. One of you will win your choice of a green, pink or blue solid Babee Covee. Please fill out the form below for your chance to win! This giveaway will remain open until Wed. March 6th, Good Luck!

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