Daily Random Thoughts 2015 - Day #5: Where Can I Donate My Hair? #hairdonation #2015 #randomthoughts

Savy Toddler just turned three and we have never cut her hair. It is currently down to her lower back. At the moment, we aren't ready to cut it, but we have started the process of talking to her about donating her hair to children who are currently unable to grow their own. In doing so, I know of the organization Locks of Love, but I want to know more about other organizations it could go to. Nothing against Locks of Love as I think that there mission is very worth of donations, but I like to give to something that is less mainstream and where my donation may make a greater impact.

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Pantene Beautiful Lengths: This is an organization that creates wigs for women battling cancer. They have clear instructions on their website for cutting and donating hair to them. You can also give them monetary donations of any amount.The minimum hair donation length is 8 inches. 
Children With Hair Loss: CWHL collects hair and creates custom wigs for children who experience hair loss for a variety of reasons including Cancer, Alopecia, burns and many others. On their website you can find easy to follow instructions on donating hair or making a monetary donation. They are based in Michigan and provide custom wigs with care kits to over 300 children annually. The minimum hair donation length is 8 inches.
Wigs for Kids: Located in Ohio, this non-profit focuses on providing wigs for children who are experiencing hair loss. Each wig they provide has an estimated value of $1800. It takes 20-30 ponytails to make on hair replacement system. Learn more about donating hair, making a monetary donation or sponsoring a child on their website. The minimum hair donation length is 12 inches. 
Childhood Leukemia Foundation: This organization collects hair donations to create wigs for children battling Leukemia. They have instructions on their website for the hair donation, along with a printable form for donating your hair. Additionally, there are a variety of ways you can donate that don't involve cutting your hair. The minimum hair donation length is 10 inches. 

When the time comes, I will be looking to pick one that I feel fits our donation goals and the length that Savy Toddler can donate. I'll be sure to take and share pictures with all of you.

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  1. I don't think we'll be cutting my daughter's hair until she's 10 !! lol her hair is so short.

    1. LOL! As you know my girls, especially the youngest, were born with a full head! Savy Baby already has hair past her ears!


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