D.R.T. 2015 - Day #18: I Love The Dollar Store! #budgetfriendly #dollarstore #randomthoughts #2015

The other day, I shared with you a post about how to shop on a budget for Valentine's Day gifts. The post featured many of the cute, cuddly and fun gifts that are available for just $1 each at our local dollar store.

Today, I made ANOTHER trip to another dollar store in our town and upon leaving, I realized that I actually love shopping at that store more than most others! But why?
As I think about this, it's because there is such a wide selection of items that fit into many of our needs (sometimes wants). Party supplies, gift wrapping, holiday decorations, glow sticks, craft supplies, kitchen utensils and so much more! I mean, I'm pretty sure that if you gave me $100 and told me I could only spend it all in one place, that would be it! (excluding grocery shopping of course)
Most people know the common stuff you can get at the local dollar store, but there are some that I think are less popular. Here are a few items from both categories I have picked up in the last few years with zero regret!

  • Removable & reusable wall decals
Savy Toddler/Baby's walls
Bedroom door inspiration
  • Toothbrushes, travel medications, loofahs
  • Hair & nail products/accessories

This is just a few of my favorite items. I also buy lots of household, kitchen, and other items there. If you have a nice dollar store near you, I highly recommend checking it out!

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