D.R.T. 2015 - Day #7: Team Chocolate or Team Vanilla? #icecream #2015 #randomthoughts

Are you a chocolate or a vanilla person? My guess is that you answered that pretty easily. I've found over my lifetime that chocolate versus vanilla ice cream is something that most people decide at an early age. 

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Personally, I am Team Chocolate, but my husband is Team Vanilla. As for our kids, so far our oldest, Savy Preschooler is Team Chocolate and our middle child, Savy Toddler, is Team Vanilla. Since Savy Baby can't have ice cream, it's a tie in our house.
What does that mean for our ice cream choices? It means that I always buy the Breyer's ice cream that is either chocolate & vanilla in the same carton or Neopolitian, which is chocolate, vanilla and strawberry side by side in the same carton.

Are you Team Chocolate or Team Vanilla? Vote below!

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  1. Looks like fun...and in your savy mommy moments team chocolate. yummy too!! :)


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